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The Seattle Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In Seattle

February 5, 2018
By Aimee Rizzo

“Sushi is great. But when you’re starving, it can get expensive. Enter Fremont Bowl, a new casual Japanese spot specializing in donburi bowls (high-quality fish on top of rice). Nothing here is more than $15, and you will absolutely not be hungry afterward, making this a good, if small, spot for a lunch or low-key weeknight dinner. The friendly service is also a plus. Two things you shouldn’t miss here: their smoky homemade soy sauce, and the bowl with seared salmon that cuts like softened butter.”

Seattle Weekly

Fremont Bowl Goes Beyond Poke

The do cash in on the trend, but also give us Japanese comfort food in many forms.

By Nicole Sprinkle
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 1:30am

“I swore I wouldn’t go into another poke joint for a long time. But after hearing about Fremont Bowl, I broke my promise to myself. Well, not completely, because while poke is on offer there, so are a number of other bowls and snacks, defined by the restaurant as ‘Japanese Comfort Food.’…

Here, the perfectly seasoned rice was topped with beautiful raw slices of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and albacore, as well as cooked freshwater eel, shrimp, a delicious, addictive heap of chopped fatty tuna, and masago with fresh wasabi. Adding to the overall freshness of the fish was a smidge of yuzu kosho to mix into your soy/wasabi dipping sauce. Yuzu kosho may be the next rage in condiments; a Japanese paste that consists of chili pepper, yuzu (Asian citrus), and salt, it’s a tangy, sweet, sour, spicy burst that enlivens your taste buds without numbing them…”

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Restaurants in Seattle, January 2018

Where to eat right now

by Eater Staff Updated Jan 4, 2018, 9:00am PST

“Fremont Bowl serves highly Instagrammable, supremely satisfying donburi, piled high with seafood.”

Eater Seattle Heat Map January 2018

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Top 17 new Seattle-area cheap eats for 2018 — plus 9 more to try

Originally published January 4, 2018 at 6:00 am | Updated January 4, 2018 at 9:33 am
By Tan Vinh and Bethany Jean Clement
Seattle Times staff writers

“Fremont Bowl in Fremont: The main draw is the Instagram-friendly chirashi bowl, a collage of sashimi with different colors, textures and flavors. This Japanese spot is one of the most talked-about openings in recent months. Portions are huge. And the sashimi is neither fishy-smelling nor slimy like many cheap chirashi bowls and happy-hour sushi. Those who hate sushi (is that even possible?!) can always go for the teriyaki or katsu chicken. Note the restaurant uses Canadian Atlantic salmon instead of wild salmon for its rice bowls.”

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If You’re Totally Over Poke, This New Fremont Restaurant is Your Raw Fish Savior

BY: CHELSEA LIN | Posted January 2, 2018

Eat a well-balanced bowl. I’m so tired of poke, and yet somehow chirashi—essentially a bowl of deconstructed sushi—at the new, and already incredibly popular, Japanese donburi spot called Fremont Bowl feels fresh and different and utterly addictive. It’s a rainbow-hued bowl with tuna, unagi, shrimp, salmon, albacore, yellowtail and masago; it feels healthy and bright and I’ve been twice in two weeks and don’t know how to stop…”

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Fremont Bowl’s chirashi lives up to the hype

Originally published December 28, 2017 at 6:00 am Updated December 28, 2017 at 2:22 pm
By Tan Vinh
Seattle Times staff writer

Fremont Bowl Seattle | Chirashi Bowl Sake (Salmon) Donburi | Fremont Bowl Seattle

“One of the season’s biggest restaurant openings, this Japanese rice-bowl spot is home of the chirashi, a smorgasbord of salmon, yellowtail, albacore, shrimp, eel, roe and fatty tuna served over sushi rice.

The word “chirashi” has popped up around the bar-and-restaurant scene in recent weeks. It has popped up frequently enough that I can finish that phrase: “at Fremont Bowl.”

One of the big openings and arguably the most talked about in the past six weeks, this Japanese rice-bowl spot is the home of chirashi, a smorgasbord of salmon, yellowtail, albacore, shrimp, eel, roe and fatty tuna served over sushi rice. It’s a better poke bowl…”

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Briefs: Fremont Bowl, town hall, Goodwill tips, Floodland Brewery, Stoup chili

12/28/2017 | Geeky Swedes | Ballard

Fremont Bowl Seattle | Chirashi - Sake - Aburi Sake

“A few brief stories from Ballard and Fremont…

FREMONT BOWL: Seattle’s most talked-about new restaurant isn’t here in Ballard, but it’s right next door in Fremont. The Seattle Times gives a glowing review to the always-packed Fremont Bowl restaurant on Fremont Ave. and 43rd.”

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New Japanese Spot ‘Fremont Bowl’ Debuts In Fremont

“A new Japanese spot, offering poke and more, has debuted in the neighborhood. The fresh addition to Fremont, called Fremont Bowl, is located at 4258 Fremont Ave N. (between 43rd St. & Motor Pl).

This new fast-casual Japanese eatery specializes in donburi—meat, seafood, or veggies served in a bowl over rice—along with salads, soups and fast-food style sides.

On the menu, expect to see dishes like a chirashi rice bowl with tuna, fatty tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, unagi (fresh water eel), masago (smelt roe), and yuzu pepper; a sukiyaki beef don with veggies stewed in a sweet and savory bone broth; and tofu poke, with seaweed salad, cucumber, and fried bean curd.

For salads, look for crab and shrimp with cucumber, tomato, and greens served with a citrus and mayo dressing; and tofu salad with mixed greens, sesame, and kombu (kelp) dressing.”

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Ready for more? 33 more restaurant and bar openings in Seattle and around the Eastside

Originally published December 4, 2017 at 3:52 pm Updated December 5, 2017 at 9:49 am
By Tan Vinh
Seattle Times staff reporter

“Fremont Bowl might be the most-talked-about opening this season. Poke and big rice bowls cost less than $13 and many sides like gyoza dumplings and karaage (fried chicken) are less than $5.”

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The Hottest Restaurants in Seattle, December 2017

Where to eat right now

by Eater Staff Updated at Dec 7, 2017, 9:00am PST

“While the Eater 38 is a resource that covers old standbys and neighborhood essentials across the city, it is not necessarily a chronicle of the “it” places of the moment. Thus, the Eater Heatmap, which changes every month to highlight where the food nerds are flocking.

The Heatmap is a reflection of the buzziest restaurants and places so new, they might not be on the collective radar yet. It’s the answer to the eternal question, “Where should I eat right now?” This month, the answer includes Capitol Hill’s Bok a Bok fried chicken expansion, Japanese spot Fremont Bowl, and West Seattle pizza bar Supreme. Departing the list are Rachel’s Ginger Beer and The Lakehouse.”

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Nine New Restaurants to Try in Seattle and More Food News You Can Use: Dec 1, 2017 Edition

Fried Chicken, Wood-Fired Pizza, Tapas, And More
by Stranger Things To Do Staff

“From the owners of Lake Union’s I Love Sushi, this homestyle Japanese comfort food spot serves heaping donburi-style rice bowls with fresh tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and poke.”

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Generous Japanese-Style Donburi Is a Hit in Fremont (and More)

by Megan Hill and Adam H. Callaghan Nov 29, 2017, 11:27am PST
Read Original Article

“…Fremont Bowl, which serves Japanese-style donburi rice bowls piled high with seafood like tuna, yellowtail, albacore, salmon, eel, shrimp, and roe, complemented with other ingredients like fresh wasabi, yuzu, homemade soy sauce, and seaweed salad. There are a few poke bowls for good measure, and it’s all priced under $15, which has the food world buzzing appreciatively…”